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  To download the pictures [Click here] 



2010 the origin of the project, 3 women.


Anne Bramard Blagny, author, documentary filmmaker, producer

France Mourey, university professor and researcher at INSERM

Sylvana Yustino, Tango singer 


at Abbaye de La Prée







2020, 10 years later, leading the project


France Mourey, university professor and researcher at INSERM

Anne Bramard Blagny, author, documentary filmmaker, producer

Sylvana Yustino, Tango singer 


during a training course at the Espace Marey in Dijon









Training at the Université de Bourgogne - SEFCA


To download the pictures of the training [Click here] 



1 France et Laurent formation SEFCA 2020.jpg


1. Laurent Jaillet, in charge of the short training service of the Université de Bourgogne, welcomes the trainees to the Institut Marey,


with France Mourey, University professor and researcher at Inserm 1093. (©Yazmin Espino)






  2 Groupe formation SEFCA 2020.jpg


2. At the Institut Marey in Dijon, a very successful training. (©Yazmin Espino)







  3 Angela et Thomas 1.jpg


3. Under the watchful eye of Thomas Poucet, representative of the Dinzel System in Europe,


Angela Nicotra, trained directly by Rodolfo Dinzel,


transmits this teaching to the 18 trainees coming from 10 different countries. (©Yazmin Espino)







4 Sans se toucher formation SEFCA 2020.jpg 



4. Look is the first exchange in the training as well as in the Milonga. (©Yazmin Espino)






5 Leo et Pablo.jpg


5. Between men, just like at the origins of Tango. (©Yazmin Espino)






  6 Karla.jpg


6. The Abrazo, cornerstone of Tango. (©Yazmin Espino)








7 Gros plan main.jpg


7. The Abrazo, cornerstone of Tango. (©Yazmin Espino)






8 Thomas.jpg 

8. At the heart of the Dinzel System, Thomas Poucet, representative in Europeof this system, insists on the necessity of improvisation 


(©Yazmin Espino)









  9 Angela 2 formation SEFCA 2020.jpg

9. Freedom and improvisation are the keywords of this training. (©Yazmin Espino)








  10 deux femmes au tango passation Energie.jpg


10. Two women at Tango, energy transmission. (©Yazmin Espino)








  11 Myriam, Thomas, Sylvana et Angela.jpg


11. Thomas Poucet, representative of the Dinzel System in Europe & Sylvana Yustino, singer and Tango activity leader


surrounded by Myriam Septier on the left and Angela Nicotra Dance Movement Therapist on the right.


All together to bring to go to the elderly. (©Yazmin Espino)






  12 Groupe fin.jpg




12. Time to say goodbye. Smiling faces witness the quality of the moments shared. (©Yazmin Espino)







Tango workshops



To download the pictures of the workshops [Click here]   



1. At Isatis "La Villa Danielle Torelli", the invitation to Tango is the beginning of a new adventure.




2. At Isatis "La Villa Danielle Torelli", complicity is a first step into Tango. 



3. At Isatis, an initiation to movement which excludes no one.




4. At Isatis, a nursing assistant and an activity leader

are at the heart of the project "Music & Movement for everyone" (“Musique et Mouvement pour tous”). 




5. First lesson, a face-to-face exercise. 




6. First Abrazo, testing and measuring the energy tansfer.




7. First exercise in sitting position, which gives back all its importance to the rotation of the ankle.





8. The Abrazo : this complicity is one of the secrets of the strength of Tango.




9. Music, movement and smile : the joy of being together.




10. In the arms of the Tango Maestra, smile is back ! 



11. First step, the invitation to movement.




12. One at a time, with emotion, first exchanges before the dance.




13. When the retirement home resounds to the sound of Tango,

it feels good to find the complicity and the steps of the dance.




14. A picture is worth a thousand words.




15. Aside of the dance, the scientist records the data.

He will have to prove the efficiency of the steps take on the remobilization of the residents.






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