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The Melody of Alzheimer's
Notre Histoire, a Massy
Une vie, une passion
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Who are the members ?


The Actors of the Caravan of Memory





Authors - Directors - Producers

- Anne BRAMARD BLAGNY [Click here]
- Julia BLAGNY  [Click here]   
- France MOUREY [Click here]
- Charalambos PAPAXANTHIS [Click here]
- Lucía BRACCO [Click here]
- Julien BOURRELIER [Click here]
- Daniela DA ROCHA [Click here]
- Danilo SPADA [Click here]
Adapted Physical Activity Students

- Gaia AMBROGI [Click here]
- Maelisse CRANCE  [Click here]
- Quentin GUENEBAUT [Click here]
- Martin LAPLACE [Click here]
- Tanguy LE JOLIFF [Click here]

  - Hugo MASCARO [Click here]
- Emeline TANET [Click here]
- Romain TISSOT  [Click here]

 Danse Movement Therapists
Following the lead of the Dinzel, father and son [Click here]

  - Marina CARRANZA [Click here]
- Anabella CONSONNI [Click here]
   - Clara CORNARO [Click here]
- Marina GILABERT [Click here]
  - Stéphanie LEPEU [Click here]  
 - Clarissa MACHADO [Click here]
- Patricia NARDINI [Click here] 

- Thomas POUCET [Click here]
 - Karla VELASCO [Click here]

Musicians, Dancers & Singers
- Pablo AMADO [Cliquez ici]
- Solange BAZELY [Click here]
- Paul BLAGNY [Click here]
- Marylene BULLIER [Click here]
- Patrick BULLIER [Click here]
- Luis CORRAL [Click here]
- Jean-François DEKHIL [Click here]
- Carole DOMEIGNOZ [Click here]
- Julien DRIVE [Clic here]
- Valérie FAVRE [Click here]
- Pilar GARCIA [CV] - [Book]
- Pablo GIGNOLI [Click here]
- Emile GAYOSO [Click here]
- Aude GIULIANO [Click here]
- Javier Díaz GONZÁLES [Click here]
- Pierrette GRANT [Click here]
- Béatrice GUIFFRAY [Click here]
- Judit MAIÁN [Click here] 
- Jean-Luc MASSOL [Click here]
- Julian NARANJO [Click here]  
- Julie OLLIVIER [Click here]
- Andrea PONZETTI [Click here]
- Patricia ROBERT [Click here]
- Aline ROSE [Click here]
- Carmen RUBIO [Click here] 
- Florencia SEGURA [Click here]
- Claire SIMON [Click here]
- Christine VION-TULPIN [Click here]
 - Sylvana YUSTINO [Click here]   

The Team in Greece
 - Anthoula TSOLAKI [Click here]
 - Persephoni VENARDI [Click here]
- Herman MAYR [Click here]
- Marine BRIKA [Click here]   

Dance Instructor at Mobility Tango for Parkinson’s

- Bob NOAKES [Click here]

ABB Reportages' Team

- Albane LASTERNAS [Click here]
- Annabelle FOURNIER [Click here]  
- Sabine MAILLARD [Click here]
- Fran CARTER 
- Louis-Marie BAER 
Production manager in Buenos Aires
  - Laura CONTRERAS [Click here]


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