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Maurice Emmanuel - 1862 - 1938

Composer and musicologist

Ein "wanderer"




He is a rebellious composer and musicologist, amazed by the richness of folk songs and Greek modes, who influenced several generations of composers including Olivier Messiaen and Henri Dutilleux.






The purpose of this documentary is to honor a musician, composer and musicologist, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of his birth, who has been unjustly forgotten in history, whereas he was playing a major role in several factors in the in the evolution of twentieth-century music.
First of all, because he questioned the classical teachings and because he has been one of the first who did it with such a vehemence, fighting against the, what he called the tyrant “C” in order to advocate the modal richness.
Then, because he was able to recover the songs of the people, which are very close to those of the ancient Greece or Franco-Flemish « richness in sleep », and he was able to find inspiration there to lay other bases down.

Also because, far from any Manichean behavior, he did not waive the teachings of the great German masters.
And above all because , nourished by all that with tenacity and rigor, he has not distanced himself from the difficult paths that he pledged himself to, tracks which are recovered later by the greatest contemporary musicians.
He pleaded for DEBUSSY, exchanged politely but insistently with SAINT SAENS. Olivier Messiaen was his student.
Maurice EMMANUEL deserves a forum. And it is time that it is given to him in France, in the same way as in Germany where his music is extremely taught, studied and played.

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