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The Dinzel System


  Tango by the Dinzel

A revolutionary method


Rodolfo and Gloria Dinzel have presented and codified a repertoire of didactic expressions


that break down Tango to better understand and teach it.

Dinzel- portrait.jpg  



At the beginning this process was felt as an incredible challenge,

and many emblematic figures of the Tango saw it, even if it seems strange today, as a desacralization of this dance.


Fortunately, great artists started to join the process very quickly,

and the teaching method was accepted under the name of “Dinzel System”.


Moreover, they were the first to use Tango as a therapeutic treatment

for patients with Parkinson’s disease, or young people with Down syndrome.


Dinzel Festival Rome.jpg 



Gloria was present in the Academy of Tango (CETBA), founded by her and her husband,


and where she was a researcher and director, to initiate great and very original teachings from Tango.




Today Eric, their son, manages both the Dinzel studio and the Tango Academy;


he develops the teaching of his parents in Argentina as well as in many countries of the world,


through workshops and training courses.


  Exercices au studio Dinzel.jpg

Exercices at the Studio Dinzel



During a training course





Interview with Eric Dinzel 



  Laura Murphy et Fransley Marcel .jpg   Laura Murphy et Fransley Marcel 2.jpg
Laura Murphy & Fransley Marcel, the first dancers of the Dinzel team
In 2021, Angela Nicotra, disciple of the Dinzel, trained directly in Buenos Aires by Rodolfo,
gives us the bases of a system that continues to prove its worth !

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