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Scientific Publications



Scientific Publications



about The Caravan Of Memory







0. Comparison of the effects of Dance and Soft Gymnastics on the physical condition of elderly people


with Alzheimer's type dementia.


(Littérature grise)(Mémoire), Romain GARNIER


Faculty of Science and Sport, 2015.


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1. Comparison of the effects of two treatments: "Soft Gymnastics" and "Therapeutic Tango"


on the balance and walking of elderly people with neurodegenerative disorders.


(Littérature grise)(Mémoire), Lucie BONNETAIN


Université de Bourgogne, Faculty of Science and Sport, 2016.

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2. Impact of Tango as a non-drug intervention in dementia.




INSERM and Université de Bourgogne, 2016.


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3. Use of a virtual Environment to Engage Motor and Postural Abilities in Elderly Subjects


With and Without Mild Cognitive Impairment (MAAMI Project).


Julien BOURRELIER, JULIEN RYARD, Michèle DION, Frédéric MERIENNE, Patrick MANCKOUNDIA, France MOUREY, IRBM, Elsevier Masson, 2016.


2016, 37 (2), PP.75-80.


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4. Argentine Tango for the prevention of falls.


Science and health summary, Julien BOURRELIER, INSERM/U U1093 Cognition, Action, et Plasticité Sensorimotrice


Université de Bourgogne, UFR STAPS, University Campus, 2017.


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5. Synthesis of the research work within the framework of the project: "The Caravan of Memory".


Cognition, action, sensory-motor plasticity Université Bourgogne, 2018

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5.1 - Move to music.


Julien BOURRELIER, 2017.


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5.2 - Summary of the scientific project "Move to music".


The Caravan of Memory, Danilo Spada, Pr France Mourey


University of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté


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6. The Caravan of Memory / Deontology and Ethics, Conditions and rules for the implementation


of the project with respect to the beneficiaries.


(Text for STAVROS Niarchos Foundation), Anne BRAMARD-BLAGNY, 2018.

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7. Coordination file "Caravan of Memory Project".




Tango for the prevention of falls among the frail elderly and/or dependent and/or with neurodegenerative diseases.




INSERM, University of Bourgogne, 2018.


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8."Music in the heart and body".


44 radio programs on RCF, (Scientific dissemination),


Presented by Anne BRAMARD-BLAGNY and France MOUREY, 2018.


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9. Presentation at the Congress of Gerontology of Buenos Aires, Lucia Bracco


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10.  In contact with Reality, Angela Nicotra


Tango and Dance Therapy, Conversations with Rodolfo Dinzel


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11. Tango Etymology.


Olivier Bernard, teacher in Expression, Communication and Team Management Techniques

at the University of Burgundy (retired)


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