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The project in Greece


The project in Greece 


In 2024, the crossed glances project between France and Greece gets off the ground,

thanks to an Erasmus + grant.




After several months of preparation and reflection, the project kicked off

when the Greek team took part in Therapeutic Tango training in Dijon, France, from 11th to 14
th March 2024.

Following to this initiation, the Greek team is setting up

the first therapeutic Tango workshop in Thessaloniki

on Thursday 22nd March 2024,
Let's go!



Persephoni Venardi, Thomas Poucet, Anthoula Tsolaki, Themis Parastatidis



"Spreading Rodolfo Dinzel's tango to many places in the world

means spreading the feeling of empathy and closeness through tango, and passing this on to older people is wonderful".


This is the testimony of Persephoni Venardi, a tango teacher trained in the Dinzel method,

who, accompanied by musician Hermann Mayer, will be leading the workshops in Greece,


which will take the Greek seniors to the " Tangueros Seniors Olympiads" in Dijon in August 2024!

 Then in September, a series of Sirtaki workshops will take over,

following to a training given by the Greek team to the French team!

This project will explore the comparative powers of Tango and Sirtaki on older people suffering from neuro-evolutionary disorders,

through a research project led by Anthoula Tsolaki, a neurologist who is also an experienced dancer in a dozen disciplines.

A wonderful adventure to follow throughout 2024! 








What's on?





















It is essential to settle the project in Greece.


With a transversal perspective ...


between  the Dinzel Tango masters...


Eric Dinzel and Flavia Kohut were at the Catedral Estudio De Tango in Athens in late September 2019   

... and the Greek orchestra

in line with Maurice Emmanuel and Etienne Jules Marey ...  



Maurice Emmanuel and Etienne Jules Marey, both at the origin of our project,

wrote together the first film in History dedicated to Greek dance, in 1894.



From ancient times to the present day, a single language ...

Music induces dance ...

And dance is life ...

danse grecque    TANGO.jpg
In 2024, it is up to us to compare the lessons of ancient Greek dance and Tango !  




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