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Yesterday's events




Yesterday's events






  NOVEMBER 17, 2019


Invited by the association "Friends of Maurice Emmanuel" ...


Screening on Sunday 17 November at 5:30 pm Espace Vasarely - Antony 




A film produced by ABB Reportages and directed by Anne BRAMARD BLAGNY and Julia BLAGNY


about the six Sonatines and the Suite on Greek popular tunes by Emmanuel,

with Laurent WAGSHAL (pianist) and Alexis GALPERINE (violinist).



5 diapasons, 4 stars Classica and an exceptional press review for an outstanding composer and performer!




Space Vasarely Salle Club 
Veterans  of North Africa Square
92160 ANTONY





Thursday, November 7, 2019, ISATIS celebrated its 30th anniversary! 


A glance in pictures



First, the warm up, ...






Then the Tango, ...







And finally, the Milonga!












The meeting every Tuesday ...

"Music in Heart and Body" on Radio RCF Burgundy

Tuesdays at 11:15 for 44 weeks

Presented by Anne Bramard-Blagny and France Mourey.

Next Tuesday our 14th show, on the work of Francis Eustache, neurologist in Caen



 To listen to the most recent shows  [Click here]  





"The Melody of Alzheimer's" at the Athens Science Film Festival ...

574 films submitted, 26 films selected for the competition

"The Melody of Alzheimer's" will be present, and so will we. We are very proud of this! 


  Participation, at the Greek Film Archive Foundation in Athens,

to see the screening of "The Melody of Alzheimer",

  during the 11th International Science Film Festival in Athens

where the documentary was selected.



"The Melody of Alzheimer's" was presented, in Greek, in front of more than 200 people,

by Ambassador Dimitrios Tsikouris,

the documentary has started  a new life on the land of Hellenes, where "The Caravan of Memory" finds a new anchor.


A story to follow ...





More about the festival [Click here]    







Association of general interest which fights against the loneliness of the elderly by singing 

invites you to its first meeting on innovatve practices to address the ageing process 

and the benefits of non-medicalised initiatives.




Thursday, November 22, 2018

Participatory conference: from 19h00 to 21h (reception: 18h30)

followed by a buffet

at the headquarters of the French Federation of Insurance in Paris. 


With the participation of:

- Anne Bramard-Blagny, Author-Director-Producer specialist in the interaction between music, movement, tango and the brain. (The Caravan of Memory)

- Sylvana Yustino, singing workshops facilitator for elderly people with Alzheimer's disease ("The melody of Alzheimer").

- Intermission musical by Claire Oppert, cellist music therapist in hospital environments ("The Schubert bandage")

- Hervé Fitte, President of Se Canto

- Etienne Hervieux, Director accompanying the sick at the end of life -

- Several geriatric doctors

- Many representatives of EHPADs (public, private, associative) and the AP-HP


Conference free entrance

Required registration at 



Programme : 




Vous pouvez venir accompagné, auquel cas, merc de réserver 2 places dans le formulaire d'inscription.
Accès : Métro Richelieu-Drouot (Lignes 8 et 9) ou Chaussée d’Antin (Lignes 7 et 9)
Part 1: Situation of the social isolation of the elderly in France
Part 2: Art therapy: new approaches to the well-ageing of our elders (scientific foundations and field approaches)
Part 3: Se Canto, singing and music at the service to connecting generations
Part 4: Feedback and impressions

9 pm: Buffet 





"The  Alzheimer´s Melody" invited by the Alzheimer Research Foundation and the Audiens group ...



More info [Click here]  

To see the full schedule [Click here]  




 In Paris, at the Cité des Sciences, 10th Colloquium on Non-Medicinal Approaches ...

ABB Reports is there, of course

Thanks to the invitation of  AGEVILLAGE,  Anne Bramard-Blagny et Julia Blagny, co-directors of "The Alzheimer´s Melody",

met at the City of Sciences to present their audiovisual work about 

 the power of Music and Tango on neuro-progresive diseases, Alzheimer type. 


Music and Dance play a particular place  roll in non-medicinal  therapies,

and that's what will be confirmed in a colloquium that brings together

for two days the most excellent specialists on this topic.













Watch the clip by clicking on the image.


If you can´t see the image, click [HERE]


Support this project by donatiing on


Pour Que l'Esprit Vive is a parner for the workshops,

the documentary and the research.










In October at Domaine du Coudon ... 

Olivier Roussel (General director of the Gueules Cassées), Philipe Tazé (Director of the Recidency of  Coudon) 

and  Dr. Geneviève Haggai-Driguez, greeted Anne Bramard-Blagny and Danilo Spada

for a presentatiion. of the Caravane of Memory which begun this day at the Domaine du Coudon.




Our Goal: To test the power of Music and Tango

on a population of voluntary residents, attentive and eager to start the workshops.






Friday, July 28  

at 15:00 at the Abbaye de Pontigny


The documentary "In the resonance of Maurice Emmanuel" will be presented by its directors Anne Bramard-Blagny and Julia Blagny.

By the presence of Anne Eichner-Emmanuel, the composer's daughter.

Yves Cuenot illustrates the words with an interpretation of this music on the organ of the Abbey.

The story "Movement, Music and Brain" is rewritten in images, in music, and tribute to those who have been precursors.



More info [Click here]  

To watch the trailer [Click here] 




Thursday 6the July

at  20:30 at the Cinéal de Decize


 A return in pictures of the tango workshops, which took place over thirteen weeks,

and our questioning about the benefits of this dance.

Presentation of the audiovisual project followed by a debate with

Anne and Julia Bramard-Blagny, directors of the documentary.





Monday, June 26

at 17:30 at the Novotel Anglet 


 The Caravane of Memory was presented by

Anne Bramard-Blagny, author and director of the project,

wit the aim of developing a stage around the city of Anglet.


Also with the participation of Francisco Privitera, tangophile rehabilitation doctor. 




     Saturday, June 17

 at the Abbaye de Cîteaux,

The Melody of Alzheimer wins the Cistercian vaults! 


flyerrencontres buissonieres1.jpg 





  Thanks to the invitation of the Research foundation 

abaut Alzheimer's and Audience... 


  Thursday, April 27, at the Maison de la Chimie in Paris, "The Melody of Alzheimer",

a documentary on the power of music and tango on Alzheimer-type neuro evolutive diseases

was presented as part of the 8th Edition of Alzheimer's Disease Research Interviews


Beuty, Rhythm, Sharing ...




More info: [Click here]  




 Thursday, April 20th 

Live on France 3

The Caravan of Memory at Baigneux-les-Juifs


Already a lot of positive feedback!


More info about the project [Click here]

To buy the DVDs [Click here]  



Tuesday, Apriel 4th 

At the Hospital La Chartreuse in Dijon 

1st presentation in a psychiatric environment

"The Melody of Alzheimer's"!


Debate with France Mourey (Inserm) and Gérard Mick (CNRS)



More info: [Click here]  




Friday, March 31

Anglet Festival  

"Tom Papay the adventure at arems's lenght"


More info [Click here]

 To buy the DVDs [Click here]



March 24 and 25  
Convention Center, Dijon 
Seniors Lounge


A stand on the associative village
Friday, March 24 bethween 12:15 and 12:45 
A conference "Music, Tango and Alzheimer", Pulse of life,
at the heart of a research project.

And Carolina Udoviko opens de ball.  



 On March 15, 16 and 17 at the Institut Marey in Dijon.

A Therapeutic Tango Training. 


Next dates:  11, 12, 13 October and 13 December. 

More info [Click here] 






Thursday March 16, 20:30

Le scènacle, Besançon


Projection "The Melody of Alzheimer"


Workshop milonga tango



More info in Facebook

 [Click here]


More info in the webside of Le cènacle

  [Click here]




Wednesday March 15, 9:00
Institut Marey, Dijon 
Let´s go!
World Premiere!  
   Therapeutic tango Training 


More info [Click here]




Friday, March 10, 13:00


University of Burgundy for everybody 


Amphitheater NIEPCE, Faculty of Sciences Mirande


Conference by France MOUREY and Anne BRAMARD - BLAGNY

"The role of Music, Movement and Tango on neuro-evolutive diseases Alzheimer-type "

Screening of  "The Melody of  Alzheimer" by Anne Bramard Blagny and Julia Blagny 






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