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ABB, the documentary at heart


Anne Bramard Blagny and ABB Reportages have been building an audiovisual heritage since 1974, based on the research of  true values beyond borders, generations and any type of categorization.

After 200 documentaries, conferences and numerous articles, Anne Bramard-Blagny is still working on the following themes: the  origins, sense and the power of music.

This idea led her to interview numerous musicians, performers, composers, coming from different cultures.

Thus, the current project is a saga in which music and words are the main actors.

Olivier Greif, Maurice Emmanuel, Etienne-Jules Marey,  "The Melody of Alzheimer's" were filmed by Julia Blagny, who was  trained by EICTV (Cuba) , VARAN and INA workshops (Paris); after the documentaries "Alain Kremski" and " Marguerite Monnot".

All these movies have been unanimously recognised by the critics and selected in numerous festivals, the « Fifa de Montréal », « Arte Cinema de Naples », « ImagéSanté de Liège » and the « 11th Scientific Film Festival of Athens ». 





ABB Reportages is a Limited Company based on a capital of 1000 Euros, which was founded by Anne Bramard-Blagny to support her activities as an author and producer and to keep control over the production of her projects. Jean Francois Joffre and Paul Blagny, both lawyers, are the co-owners of the company which regularly employs ten people.

Anne Bramard-Blagny writes, realizes and produces documentaries to be distributed over public and private channels. She develops projects corresponding to her personal interests and continues to distribute documentaries, she made with Latitudes and Zoom Zoom Productions, for which she benefited from the help of the CEE and MEDIA.

Her catalogue of documentaries contains 200 titles. The first movies – created for young people – are now handled by eight distributers, two in Canada and Italy, which makes the company permanently active. These movies are still relevant today and not dated thanks to the technology used at that time.

The most recent documentaries cause a considerable activity in terms of story writing, production, communication and distribution.
The last project, which dealt with Olivier Greif, was one of the best projects of Anne Bramard-Blagny.
Concerning story writing, Anne has the possibility to develop her ideas whilst resident artist of the Abbey La Prée.
Concerning production, the documentary attracted funding from major financiers of contemporary music.
Concerning broadcasting, it has been broadcasted during three weeks on MEZZO.
Concerning communication, there was a preview at the SACEM (society of authors, composers and editors of music).
Concerning distribution, one month after the appearance of the film, ABB Reportages had six distributors and bookings for the film to be shown at six festivals.
“Music and Brain” is the current project.

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