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Caravane de la mémoire
Blow of heart
Olivier Greif
Etienne-Jules Marey
Maurice Emmanuel
Musique et cerveau
La Mélodie d'Alzheimer
Notre Histoire, à Massy
Une vie, une passion
Training period
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ABB Reportages Informations in chinese
Les RDV de demain
Anne Bramard-Blagny, the documentary from the heart

Anne Bramard Blagny and ABB Reportages have been building an audiovisual heritage since 1974, based on the research of the true values beyond borders, generations and any type of categorization.

After 200 documentaries, conferences and numerous articles, Anne Bramard-Blagny is still working on the following themes: origins, sense and the power of music.

This idea led her to interview numerous musicians, performers, composers, coming from different civilizations.

Thus, the current project is a saga in which music and words are the main actors.

Olivier Greif, Maurice Emmanuel, Etienne-Jules Marey, from the disease to "The Melody of Alzheimer's" filmed by Julia Blagny, who has been trained by EICTV (Cuba) , VARAN and INA workshops (Paris); after Alain Kremski, Marguerite Monnot.

                            And SACEM is the loyal partner for this project. 

ABB is


           "The Melody of Alzheimer's" 





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  "Research has transformed the lives of millions living with heart disease,

  stroke, HIV/Aids and cancer. Now is the time to make dementia a priority.

  Working together, Governments, the research community,non-profit

  organisations and industry need to make plans. We ask the UK government

  to be part of that commit to increased investment and improved

  coordination in research that will transform the lives of people with 

  dementia across the globe."


  Alzheimer's Society, London, England. 




  May 30 to June 2
The Caravan of Memory
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From the disease to the “Melody of Alzheimer’s”

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