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Note of Intention

Why Ebramus?

Ebramus studies a new attractive and promising branch at the intersection of neuroscience, human sciences and new technologies: Can music make the sensorial, cognitive and motoric developement of healthy children and adults as well as of handicapped persons advance? The project will approach the topic integratively combining behavioural, neurophysiologic, neuropsychologic and estimated methods.

There are three main subjects of the research consisting of basic and clinical research using music in the rehabilitation of groups of different patients and elder persons. The first subject concentrates on the rehabilitation of auditive functions and language defects, the second one concentrates on the positive effects music has on the cognitive abilities in general (learning, memory) and the third one examines the rhythmical behaviour and the usage of music in the domain of rehabilitation.

The project aims at enlarging our knowledge of the working of the brain and at affecting clinical and pedagogical applications profoundly (development of new methods of diagnosis, of formation and rehabilitation, of industrial development) and finally at presenting new musical techniques to the public at large.

Ebramus will create profound connections between the partners being part of the interdisciplinary researches. It offers young researchers the valuable possibility to gain the latest knowledge in the domain of neurosciences and interdisciplinary researches and to acquire precious experiences thanks to the cooperation. There are, for example, internships, summer courses, artist’s workshops, etc. In addition, the project Ebramus is not only a good method to get to know basic research, but also clinic applications. Thanks to the university and industrial partners of the cooperation the project might improve the young participant’s chances to find a good job.

The partners of Ebramus represent a huge cooperation with various complementary knowings. Thus, it offers young researchers a diverse and multidisciplinary formation and gives Europe in general the possibility to reinforce its position in this domain considerably.
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