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Because music contributes to the development of human beings, from early childhood until old age…
Because music helps seniors to overcome depression and apathy when musical activities are animated in the most appropriate way…
Because patients who suffer from cerebral degeneration (ALZHEIMER PARKINSON’S) or cognitive and severe psychological problems (dyslexia, aphasia, autism) can be helped by listening or even playing music; some of the effects of these illnesses can be reduced, or made to disappear which often helps the patient to find a harmonious relationship with the immediate environment.
It therefore seems pertinent to start from the French experiments led by the CNRS and INSERM laboratories and to follow the work of 10 European laboratories grouped in the EBRAMUS programme, in order to make a documentary about their project “Music and the Brain”.

This documentary project, based on case studies, emphasising the positive experiences, should be able available to the general public, but also for the companions and carers, to provide hope during the treatment of these illnesses which affect more and more people.

By listening to the researchers, by providing an explanation and the first solutions for those who face the disease, it will be an indispensable tool for understanding, accompanying, but also to put up a fight against the disease and to advance on the path of  prevention.


The work will proceed in 2 phases, so it will be a documentary with 2 parts of 52 minutes.


800,000 cases estimated. 110,000 new cases per year. An incidence which doubles every 5 years, after 65. In 2011, urgency is greater than ever, on Alzheimer’s disease. In this first documentary we will be open minded about experiences which will become the field for reflection, a springboard for new ideas.
We will visit the places which deal with the disease daily, and the structures which have been set up recently, where there is real dismay caused by the absence of medical personnel, of methods, of know-how.

Positives experiences from one side will be a springboard for others.

During the first stage we will follow the work of the laboratories in Dijon and in Caen, on the topic « Music and Ageing », especially that which concerns Alzheimer’s. This part of the movie will be exclusively in French.
This study starts in Burgundy in the laboratories LEAD/CNRS and INSERM, where the research started many years ago in the wake of scientist Etienne Jules MAREY and in the tradition of research based on the correlation between movement, music and energy.

The work will continue in the artist’s residence La Prée, a unique place In France, located in the heart of Berry which welcomes resident artists; musicians and writers, and old people. It is in this place that the cameras will explore, with the complicity of teams of scientists, the results of the work which has been carried out for 17 years with the seniors who are long term residents or being treated in the neighbouring hospital at Issodun and also with Alzheimer’s patients.

Then we will go to Caen, where the laboratory of Hervé Platel works in an innovative way on the parts of brain which are not affected by the disease and which still respond to music.
But also, beyond this seemingly excellent path, we will not exclude any information, statements or discoveries which spring up. Filming is also planned at DECIZE in the units of SABLES ROSES and the CHAUMES d’ARON.
The documentary will be like an official report, a cry of alarm and a suitable forum; the idea is that it will evolve rapidly as a webdoc and discussion forum.


The second stage of the project will be realized within the framework of the EBRAMUS programme. EBRAMUS at a European level assembles top scientists and musicians together in a project attempting to answer a current common concern about the Power of Music. The programme is headed by Emmanuel Bigand.

We will share the results of the initial French research in Germany, England, Italy and Poland within the framework of the joint work of the10 European laboratories involved in a topic « Music, Brain and Health », in the direction of linguistic, motor and cognitive re-education.

This second part of the documentary will last for 4 years following the planned research programme. The first stage has already begun, filming the scientists in Dijon in January 2010.

The uniqueness of this project lies in the fact that all the scientists, who normally work in different directions, met each other ahead of their research, which will be analysed, compared and at the same time followed by the camera; it is the fruit of a common passion which drives these scientists and musicians.

Beyond the linguistic differences, there will be a common conclusion, which will return music to its rightful place. With the hope of relief, and perhaps even prevention.

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