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Anne Bramard-Blagny

Anne Bramard-Blagny  Author - Director - Producer

Member of the Literary Society

T.V. Director (N°11180) 

Producer of creative documentaries






In 2016 / 2018, based on all these works, this is the setting up of « The Caravan of Memory » and the web documentary « Music, Movement, Tango and Brain ».




In 2015, release of three documentaries «Etienne-Jules Marey, La science aux Réveil des Arts », « Dans la résonance de Maurice Emmanuel » and « Lumières de femmes », a documentary dedicated to the female composers. The 3 movies are unanimously recognised by the critic and selected in numerous festivals, the « Fifa de Montréal », « Arte Cinema de Naples », « ImagéSanté de Liège » etc…




In 2014, Anne continues with Julia her work on the Power of the Music.

This is « The Melody of Alzheimer’s », a whole of musical and scientific documentaries, as about thirty interviews with patients, musicians, doctors and researchers.





In 2013, in close collaboration with Julia Blagny, for two musical projects unanimously reward and recognised by the press as soon as their releases.

The musical DVD «  Maurice Emmanuel, la Rumeur du Monde » (5 diapasons and 4 Classica stars).

The set-box « Les Incontournables d’Olivier Greif » (Diapason d’Or, Clef du mois ResMusica, Coup de Cœur Charles Cros, 4 étoiles ForumOpéra et 3 étoiles Classica)




Stay at the La Prée Artist Residence for the projects "Music and Brain" and "The Alzheimer Melody", but also for "Etienne-Jules Marey. Science at the roots of the Arts" and "Maurice Emmanuel, seeking buried treasures", in the context of the creation of a medical-scientific-music-audiovisual platform, conducted in partnership with Emmanuel Bigand of LEAD/CNRS of Bourgogne University.


Stay at the La Prée Artist Residence for writing work on "Etienne-Jules Marey" and Olivier Greif, on the occasion of the 10° anniversary of his death.


Development and writing for CAMERA LUCIDA and FRANCE3 BOURGOGNE FRANCHE COMTE of « Etienne-Jules MAREY, the man, who is able to do everything», idea and music of Gréco CASADESUS.

Conference at university: to the Master Euromass media of the University of DIJON; to IUP of cultural management of Dijon; to ESC, Cultural Master; to IECA, school of cinema in Nancy, to the BTEC in audio-visual of Montbéliard, to the crossroads of female careers...


Production, co-writing and co-realization, with DELPHINE MAZA of « ALAIN KREMSKI, at the SOURCE OF SOUND» for Canal 32.


Production of «BELFORT, THE CITIZEN ADVENTURE» JEAN-LUC MAGE, for the City of BELFORT, on the occasion of the 700 ° birthday of the delivery of the city keys by Renaud de BOURGOGNE.

Production, writing and realization of « Bach in the Heart », for Mezzo.


Development of the series « Residences and Places of History», production of the subjects «The Sentinels from Franche-Comté» , «Leonardo da Vinci in Clos Lucé, ultimate journey», «Filain, the shadow of the general», «Oricourt», «Chantilly a hymn of beauty», «On the tracks of Lamartine, from Mâcon to Plovdiv», «The forges of Buffon», «The Country of Auxois ».

In the series «Lyrics and Music», production of the subjects «Lament of the knights of East and West» shot to the disabled persons and " Mass in Si de Bach ", shot in the Basilica of Vézelay.

Realization and production of « Marguerite Monnot, in the shadow of Piaf».

Conference at university: to the Euromedia MASTER DEGREE ; to IUP of cultural management of Dijon; to ESC of Dijon, cultural master; to IECA, school of cinema in Nancy, to the BTEC in audio-visual of Montbéliard, to the crossroads of female careers, to the broadcasting section of the secondary school of Moulins sur Allier.


Production of the documentary "Roger Cuvillier, the whole world goes zoom" in the series "Presences in Burgundy".

Production of a musical caption "Mireille Marie, sacred songs of the Mediterranean".

Production of "A. Kremsky and D. Bertrand, Hymns of Orients Buddhists".

Production of the documentary "Artists, Glory and Gothic" in the series "Lyrics and Music".

Production of the series DIASPORA, «Hayet, Ayad, a song for peace»

Development of the series «Residences and Places of History». Production of subjects on L'Auxois, Commarin, Fontenay, Semur-en-Auxois, Belfort, Joux, the Franche-Compté military heritage; but also Chantilly, Chenonceau, Les Invalides, Dinan, Uzès, and Clos Lucé.



Production of 6 documentaries for the series "Residences and Places of the History":
«Cléron», «Arlay, the spirit of family»; «Pin, formations, transformations»; «Sarlat, lights on the city»; «Champlitte, Don Quichotte and the search of time»; «The Citadel of Besancon».

Production of two documentaries in the series «Lyrics and Music» : «Virtuous Children» and «From Fès to Dijon, voices of the dialogue".

Production and realization of two musical captions: «Voices of Peace»; «The Fès Orchestra and Hayet Ayad".


Creation of an executive production with the German production company "BAVARIA FILMS". Zoom-Zoom shared benefits from its local establishment with the BAVARIA: seek for shooting authorizations, extra actors, intermittents who contributed to the good realization of the TV film: «Sophie, the young sister of Sissi», directed in co-production with TF1 Film and RTL.

Exposure «Cribs of Spain» at Collegial of Orleans.

Production of 2 episodes of the second series «It's a wonderful world», «In Spain, the meeting with Rocio» and «In Italy, the festival of Palio».

Production of the documentary «Beaune's Hotel-Dieu» and «Gy, the house of the archbishops" in the series «Residences and Places of the History».

Creation of the series "Different is Beautiful", made up of 52 episodes of 3 minutes.


Production of two documentaries, belonging to the second series «A Day, A Celebration».

Directing and production of the first documentary of the series DIASPORAS, «Carmen RUBIO, Flamenca of Burgundy».

Production of two musical documentaries: «War sonata» and «Rhapsody in Blue», directed by Anne BILLOTTE-GABET.

Production of the first documentary from the series «Residence and Places of the History» ,

«People of Breteuil», directed by Jean-Luc MAGE.


Capitalisation of ZOOM-ZOOM Productions.


Production of the series «A Day, A Celebration» with Zoom-Zoom Productions, France 3 Jeunesse and Canal France International.

Direction of 5 of them: «Christmas In Lebanon», «Water celebrations in Thailand», «Festive Boats In Burgundy», «Saint John's Day In Corsica», «In Poland, Christmas In Tokarnia, A Stairways To The Stars».


October: Production of the clip "Mad On Reading" with Zoom-Zoom Productions and France 3 Jeunesse, The Book National Centre and Bayard Press For Children. It is shown on France 3, France 2, Canal J and TV5.


Production of 8 films with Zoom-Zoom Productions, Latitudes and France 3 Jeunesse: «In Mali, Elmehdy's Cane», «In Brazil, Renato , A Child From Bahia», «In Bolivia, Our school Is The Street», «In Burkina Faso, Ak Moudou, The Tuareg Child», «In Cambodia, Surviving Children», «In Ladakh, Kesang And Adrian On The Roof Of The World», «In La Réunion Islands, The Seven Pearls Of Love Island», «In Guyana, America Tomorrow».

Direction of 4 of these films: «In Mali, Elmehdy's Cane», «In Brazil, Renato , A Child From Bahia», «In Bolivia

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