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To Stanford and Ithaca students / Documentary Departement

- Locating places and sites
- Finding original information and literature, showing the MUYBRIDGE’s work
- Implementating and follow-up monitoring of equipment, human & financial resources of a shooting
- Logistical management aid to the production and the tour (agenda, costs of materials, trips, human resources, security.)
- Searching a French-American co-producter.


In 30 years, ABB’s activity has known a very successful development based on writing and the producing films of high quality, shot all over the world.

Committed to a project about Etienne Jules MAREY, and more paticularly about his link to MUYbridge and STANFORD/ITHACA, ABB is looking for a partnership with this College, thanks to an internship application from a student, who would be the interface between the French and American dimensions of the project
The project
Concerning the Film’s Music centenary, Gréco Casadesus and Anne Bramard-Blagny present several events so as to pay homage to the inventor of the cinematographic movement, Etienne-Jules Marey.
Thanks to him, and ALSO to Muybridge and the cinematography of the Lumières brothers, the cinema was born.

To discover the original context of Marey’s environment, the following registers are:

• The music: creation and interpretation of a symphonic suite, Seven Movements of life.
• The multimedia spectacle: Projection of numerical pictures with an orchestra.
• The documentary: “Marey, the man of all that is possible”.
• The numerical search and the experimentation of the [Ars]numerica center.
• A CD and a DVD to convey the memory.


Putting in touch with SELIGMAN/Museum et KRISTINE/ university, the various representatives of public administrations

• Writing the documents necessary for the shooting licences,
• Searching TV partnerships
• Presentating the documentary in STANFORD/ITHACA.
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